Recent PhD Theses

2018. Laura Barrientos Moreno. Biofilms of Pseudomonas putida: Connection between metabolism and regulation mediated by c-di-GMP, and their role in tolerance to stress derived from toxic compounds.

2017. Óscar Huertas Rosales. Role of the regulatory proteins of the Rsm family in c-di-GMP-mediated signaling and the multicellular lifestyle of  Pseudomonas putida.

2016. Andrés Corral Lugo. Molecular basis of chemosensory, biofilm and cell-to-cell signaling in different species of Pseudomonas.



Masters and graduate theses

We offer research lines for Master Thesis (TFM) in the following Programmes (University of Granada):


  • Investigación y Avances en Microbiología:  Línea: "Regulación del desarrollo de biofilms bacterianos"

  • Biotecnología:  Línea: " Biofilms bacterianos: aspectos moleculares e implicaciones en Biotecnología"

Recent Master's students in the lab:

  • Marta Pastor García

  • Pablo Soriano Serrano

  • Irene del Rey Navalón

  • Pedro Bastida Azorín

  • J. Antonio Cuadros Plaza

We also offer the opportunity to carry out the final graduate project (TFG) in the degrees of Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

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